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dancingpolitics - How much politics does dance need? How much dance does politics need?

11. October

On Monday, 11 October 2021, from 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. | by Zoom

recognise - name - act

With this approach we want to open spaces for expertise and exchange.


recognise: In the first edition of dancingpolitics, Dodzi Dougban, Ali Schwartz, Michael A Daoud, Raphael Moussa Hillebrand and Black Pearl de Almeida Lima shared their different perspectives on social exclusions such as racism, disability and sexual identity in the German dance scene. For all those who could not be there: Click here for the first zoom output of the event on 13.9.21


name: At the second event, we want to collect characteristics together with you on how learning spaces can be designed for different needs and requirements. What do each of us need in order to learn well? How can we perceive our own limits and those of others? How do we want to deal with conflicts? What rules do we want to set for ourselves in the respective context? Together with Senami Zodehougan and Sven Woytek from i-Päd, the initiative for intersectional pedagogy, we will compile a "Code of Conduct", a set of agreements. This can support us in finding a responsible way of dealing with mediation situations in diverse spaces.


And make a note of the next meeting on 8 November! At the third meeting we would like to get into action with you, get to know selected projects from practice and practise critically classifying them in "critical friendship".


We are happy to offer the event in DGS if required, please contact us for this!


Please send registrations to mbilitza@aktiontanz.de


10., 11. & 12. OKTOBER

Ceren Oran

Geschichten in Blau

(previous working title: In meinen Träumen bin ich meine Mutter).

Dance theatre with live music for everyone aged 5+ who is experiencing or has experienced childhood and parenthood.


10 October, 14:00 + 16:00

11 + 12 October, 10:00 each day



HochX, Entenbachstraße 37, Munich // www.theater-hochx.de



9 € / 6 € reduced + VVK fee // VVK: www.muenchenticket.de

"My parents have been divorced since I was 6 years old. When I was 17, I was very angry with my father because of an argument we had and complained to my mother. Her response succinctly illustrates the relationship between child and parent. She said with an ironic smile, 'You are right and I feel for you, but on the other hand, you know, he was my husband and I divorced him, but he is your father and you have no choice. So you have to learn to love him and live with him.'" (Ceren Oran)


The first and most natural but also most complicated social relationship in the life of every human being is the parents. Whether it is a classic father and mother, a single parent, two mothers or two fathers or any form of patchwork - this is where we learn to live together, where we first experience basic feelings such as love, fear, anger, security, jealousy, compassion. 


Through music, dance and scenery, "Stories in Blue" draws pictures of the emotional map of the family from the child's perspective. In the process, the choreographer and her team embark on a research trip into their own childhoods and, not least, part of the rehearsal process takes place in the house of Ceren Oran's mother in Turkey - in a certain sense also a journey into their own childhood.


Above all, however, the production draws on conversations with the real experts - the children. For a fortnight, Ceren Oran and the performers worked with pupils from the Schererplatz primary school in workshops on the theme of family. In addition to experiencing music and movement, the children were also interviewed about their families and got to see rehearsal excerpts that were discussed. "As adults, we only have memories of our relationship with our parents in childhood. It was important to me for the production to capture an unadulterated child's view of family. So for me, the children are really artistic partners in the making process." (Ceren Oran)


Aesthetically, in "Stories in Blue" Ceren Oran continues along the path she successfully took with her previous production for children, "Schön anders". Children, too (or especially), are wonderfully able to decode emotional levels in body and dance, and so the current production again works with physical abstraction as a dance language. Playfully, humorously and touchingly, the protagonists embark on a journey of exploration into the most diverse emotional worlds in the context of parent-child relationships. 


The essential dramaturgical trick is that the child (and its view) is clearly in the centre, but absent as a stage character. Instead, it is symbolised by a fragile object around which the four performers move. The two musicians and two dancers are equal stage partners; choreography and music - as always in Oran's works - have the same status in the piece and in its development. The choice of two identical instruments - keyboards - is also a programme; two very different musical temperaments of one voice, one (parent) team.


To see some impressions of the process and rehearsals, please click here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10165139395350062&type=3

Artistic direction, choreography: Ceren Oran // Dance: Jovana Zelenović, Roni Sagi 

(Máté Asbót: substitute dance during parts of the rehearsals) // Live music, composition: Benjamin Omerzell, Milly Groz // Stage and costume: Sigrid Wurzinger // Lighting design: Dennis Kopp // Dramaturgical accompaniment: Moos van den Broek // Artistic production management: 

Rat & Tat Kulturbüro // PR: Simone Lutz


Supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich, the Performing Arts Fund within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR #TakeAction and the Cultural Foundation of the Stadtsparkasse München. This project is made possible by the Bavarian State Association for Contemporary Dance (BLZT) with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts. Ceren Oran is a member of Tanztendenz München e.V. With the kind support of Tanzbüro München and Fokus Tanz.

CEREN ORAN (www.cerenoran.com)


was born in Istanbul in 1984 and moved to Salzburg in 2006 to study contemporary dance at SEAD. 

at the Yildiz Technical University Art and Design Faculty to study contemporary dance at the SEAD 

(Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). Since completing her postgraduate master's programme ICE at SEAD, she has been working as a freelance dancer, choreographer and sound painter. 


For her own projects, she has collaborated with many multidisciplinary artists, such as on "The Urge" (2021) "Who is Ms Troffea?" (2019), "RUSH HOUR" (2017) and "Heimat...los!" (2015) in Munich, "Youmemeyouhesheme..." in Vienna (2013) or "Arrimamuebles" in Costa Rica (2010). She has also danced for many choreographers and international 

and international companies, including Davis Freeman (US/BE), Ori Flomin (US), Tomaz Simatovic (SLO/Austria), Mihran Tomasyan (TR), Mustafa Avkiran (TR), Abhilash Ningappa (IND), Gosaval Gaspard Projects (CR), Toihaus Theatre (AU) etc.


She has been creating performances for young audiences since 2010. With her plays "Schön Anders" (Munich 2020), "Fliegende Wörter" (Munich 2019), "Elefant aus dem Ei" (Munich 2017), "SAG MAL ..." (Munich 2016), "Yamuk Yemek" (Istanbul, 2015), "Cartoonville" (Strasbourg, 2013) and "Trag mich! (Salzburg 2010 / premiere BMUKK, STELLA nomination 2011 / production: Toihaus Theater) she toured internationally through Europe, Africa and Asia. 


Besides dance, Ceren Oran has worked with several singers and bands such as Sezen Aksu, Nihan Devecioglu, Barcelona Kletzmer Orchestra and Lamine Ciskho, mainly as a vocalist or background singer. She enjoys using her singing and vocal improvisation skills, and often combines dance and live singing in her creations.


Since 2014 she has been living in Munich, where she works in close collaboration with Tanzbüro München and Fokus Tanz / Tanz und Schule e.V.. She is a member of Tanztendenz München e.V. and one of the founding and board members of the global network under Assitej International: Young Dance Network. 


14., 19., 23. & 25. OCTOBER

One on One/Blind Dates on the 14th of October 

One on One/Blind Dates are a 1.5hr meeting where a dancer/dance maker is paired with another dancer/maker and the two have the studio for this time to meet and exchange with different scores and tasks for their disposable created by the Playground Team. (for professional dancers/makers, symbolic fee of €50 given to all participants :)



On Tuesday, 19.10 we invite you to the second Gathering. 

We have invited Martin Schick and are very much looking forward to the evening with him:

"Radical artistic work: How can we connect art with what is happening in the world? What role can and may art play without losing the radically artistic? Neighbourhood development and art. 

An evening between lecture and discussion, between exchange and drink.



Free of charge / reservation: playground@annakonjetzky.com


Practice Sharing is with Daphna Horenczyk on the 23rd of October 10am-1pm

Daphna is here performing in Spielart Festival. Here is a text about her Practice Sharing. 

In the last few years I have been interested in the increasing gap between the ‘image’---a manipulated representation of a body or an event---and the subjective experience of being present in it. I aim to further explore this gap thereby commenting critically on society's fixation on representation and neglect of the here and now. Currently I am busy with the physical-mental state of birthing and dying as devices to connect one's experience to the here and now.  I came up with a practice which proposes birth/ death meditation as an access point for letting go, for expansion, for touching and being touched. In this practice there is neither chronology nor hierarchy nor development of ideas and movements. There is a constant scanning of what is presently happening in the body in terms of physical sensations, emotions, imagination, and relation to the real or imaginary space. This practice is also manifested in working with still images of birthing and dying and the way we enter and departure stillness. (for professional dancers/makers, free)





Up to and including December there will be a TRAINING FOR ALL on the last Monday of each month.

In October this is 25.10

18.30-20.00 (> others are on 29.November & 13.December) 

It is open to all who want to activate and experience their body and movements, but also their imagination and reflection. 


Costs: 4€ | Reservation: playground@annakonjetzky.com


22. & 23. OCTOBER

Choreographer Cristina D'Alberto and her ensemble have investigated the significance of the individual in our society as part of her project ANTHOLOGIE/ BLÜTENLESE. It is a performative attempt to collect life stories from a wide variety of Munich residents and to abstract them for the stage. 


Experiences and moments from the lives of all people are worth telling, regardless of great deeds and successes. Four dancers are the starting point for the performance. They unite the complexity of the narratives in their bodies and reproduce them as individual interpretations. The performance allows insights into the pieces that make up the puzzle of our personality and reveals valuable similarities and differences. An understanding emerges to support each other and strive for community.






Performance Sara Campinoti, Robert Hemming, Alessandro Marzotto Levy, Lotta Sandborgh // Choreography and artistic direction Cristina D'Alberto // Dramaturgy Martina Missel // Set design Michele Lorenzini // Composition Leonhard Kuhn // Video design Ikenna Okegwo // Lighting Michael Bischoff // Scientific advice Stefano Piemontese // Production management Lara Schubert


Revival 22 + 23 October 2021

22.10. | 8.30 pm

23.10. | 6 & 8.30 pm


Schwere Reiter NEUE Halle, Dachauer Str. 114, Munich // reservierung@schwerereiter.de


Supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich and the Bavarian State Association for Contemporary Dance (BLZT) with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture.



This year, too, there are several dance performance productions at the SPIELART Festival.



Amanda Piña (Vienna I Santiago de Chile I Mexico City)

A contemporary pop cultural appropriation based on a dance created on the border between Mexico and the USA.

22.10. 19h, 23.10. 21h, 24.10. 16h | Muffathalle



Taigué Ahmed (N'Djamena)

A dance piece dealing with current transformations of habitat, flora, fauna and community structures at Lake Chad.

23.10. 19h, 24.10. 20h, 25.10. 19h | HochX



Nadia Beugré (Abidjan I Montpellier)

Five dancers perform movements that are supposedly "reserved" for women. The reversal of attributes unsettles supposedly fixed role assignments.

24.10. 18h, 25.10. 21h, 26.10. 19h | Carl-Orff-Saal



Sorour Darabi (Paris I Shiraz I Berlin)

A mix of storytelling, choreography and poetry explores the ongoing projection of wilderness onto translocal bodies.

26.10. 21h, 27.10. 21h | Muffathalle



Cia Suave I Alice Ripoll (Rio de Janeiro)

The dancers translate their experiences and memories as young Brazilians into images and energetic movements.

28.10. 21h, 29.10. 21h, 30.10. 21h | Carl-Orff-Saal



Nelisiwe Xaba (Johannesburg)

This lecture performance explores the politics and meaning of giving and receiving help and asks uncomfortable questions about our engagement.

30.10. 15h, 31.10. 15h + 19h | State Museum of Egyptian Art



Alessandro Sciarroni (San Benedetto del Tronto)

Actors and dancers from contemporary dance reconstruct the folk dance of the Schuhplattler, revealing obsessions and fears.

1.11. 19h, 2.11. 21h, 3.11. 19:30h | Muffathalle


I AM 60

Wen Hui (Beijing)

The work is the result of reflections on life experiences as a woman and an artist. The result is a multimedia documentary dance performance.

1.11. 21h, 2.11. 19h | Carl-Orff-Saal 



Eisa Jocson (Manila)

Filipino entertainers play a special role in Disney's empire of happiness. Moments of the private and the public, happiness and horror collide.

2.11. 18h, 3.11. 18h | HochX 



Alessandro Sciarroni (San Benedetto del Tronto)

The Polka Chinata, a folk tradition threatened with extinction, is revived. The dancers will perform the physically demanding dance to electronic music.

Date and location to be announced 



SoKo (Harare)

"Kamwe" is a Shona language word that translates to "one" in English. The project explores the traditional war dances of Zimbabwe.

4.11. 20h, 5.11. 19h, 6.11. 19h | Studiobühne    



Adam Chienjo (Nairobi)

The journey explores the gaps in African spirituality before and since the advent of colonialism.

4.11. 20:30h, 5.11. 17h, 6.11. 19h | Einstein Culture



Tegan Peacock (Pietermaritzburg)

This performance traces the inner conversations of the body and mind in turmoil through film, sound and movement.

4.11. 21h, 5.11. 21h, 6.11. 21h | Einstein Culture    



Studios Kabako (Kisangani)

In short videos recorded between May and June 2020, young artists talk about their everyday life in the pandemic.

6.11. 15:30h | HochX 


26.10.2021 – 14.02.2022

This training is aimed at professional dancers and dance teachers who want to develop their vocal, linguistic and theatrical skills and expand their portfolio.

Through basic theatrical training, scene work, voice and speech lessons, as well as a performative piece development, participants learn the tools to respond to an interdisciplinary labour market with a broader spectrum of expressive possibilities.

The training is also to be understood as a platform for exchange, through which new contacts can be made and one's own working methods can be enriched and expanded. Furthermore, individual photo and video material is produced that can be used to expand the portfolio.


It is possible to join the current course.


Applications should be sent to: Bewerbung@theater-werkmuenchen.de


Further information is available here!

16.-19. JUNI 2022


Mainz has been selected as the next venue for the Dance Congress in 2022, which takes place every three years at different locations. With its application, the capital of Rheinland-Pfalz was able to convince the Board of Directors and the Foundation Council that, with its State Theatre as the centre of the Dance Congress, it offers the best conditions for hosting Germany's most renowned event for the contemporary dance scene and that, as the host of the international festival, it has an excellent infrastructure.


More Information for the Tanzkongress 2022


31. August - 3. September

The next dance fair will be held in Düsseldorf in late summer 2022! More info to follow.


Plattform für zeitgenössischen Tanz in München

Video recording of 14 choreographic works


In times of Corona, the artists-for-artists initiative continues to show solidarity with dance makers in the independent scene by inviting 14 choreographers to work on their ideas for pieces for a fortnight.


The results of the work approaches can now be seen here!