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Tortelli's "engaging work (...) begs to be seen live, in order to experience even more the intensity and power that flows between these extraordinary artists." 

Alison Kent about SNOW CRASH, Dance Europe Dec 20/ Jan 21


Since 2018, Diego Tortelli and Miria Wurm have been working together to develop independent dance projects in Munich that are characterised by a clear but complex formal language and aesthetics, both in terms of the choreography and the content of the piece and its implementation. Using modern technologies and scientific theories, they create contemporary dance pieces that reflect their personal view of the here and now.

The mainstay of each piece is clearly Tortelli's very own choreographic style, which, like a game of Tetris, splits the body into its individual parts and joints and assembles them again and again, like geometric formulas around the fixed point, the torso, sometimes surreally playful, sometimes architecturally rigid. This shows the body both in all its beauty and skill, but also in its fragility and brokenness, and thus also brings its memory traces to light in a kind of poetic abstraction.


The plays are always complemented by the set and lighting designs of Roman Fliegel, who also takes care of the technical direction in general. Another important person in the realisation of the piece is the performer Corey Scott-Gilbert, who, connected by a longstanding friendship, reflects the performative side from his point of view during the development phase in order to create a round from all sides.


Contact: https://www.diegotortelli.com/