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Dionyzoé | Alexander Wenzlik

15. März 2024

In a society caught between self-optimization, conformity to rules and crisis management, the urge to break free from constraints, to cross borders and to be free is our constant companion. The figure of Dionysus stands like no other for unleashing and pushing the boundaries of the wild and untamed. A dance theater piece on March 15 and 16 at schwere reiter

Dionysus: a powerful, seductive and fear-inspiring god who desperately seeks the approval of gods and humans alike. In "Dionyzoé", Alexander Wenzlik approaches this myth by interweaving central principles of Butoh with elements from dance, film, stage design, make-up and costume. The body becomes a place of inner and outer confrontation, of play, experience, experimentation, the development of qualities and identities beyond binary attributions.

March 15 + 16 | 20:00

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