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Fast Fashion | Sabine Karb

12. Jan. 2024

The fashion industry leaves behind catastrophes for employees and the environment in the overly crazy change of collections. On the other hand: the fun of re-styling, of discovering new trends, of reinventing oneself. In this field of tension, seven young actresses look behind the shiny facades of the fast fashion industry and explore the world between sweatshops, shopping frenzy and landfill. The premiere will take place on January 12 at HochX.

Choreography and organization: Sabine Karb

Dance: Reka Baumgärtner, Sofia Bondarenko, Clara Lipp, Emilie Karb, Natalia Koźbiał, Mariana da Silva Guilherme, Johanna Ziegler

Costume and stage: Melina Poppe

Music: Daniel Lipp and Oliver Spagna

Make-up: Shuruq Ahmad

Press: Pfau PR

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