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for you my love | Johanna Richter

18. Apr. 2023

Five performers travel into the world of Shakespeare's works. In all facets of dance theater they bring the stories of the tragic heroes to the stage. They confront the dramas of humanity, the tragedies and conflicts and continuously change playfully from character to character. Thus, from play to play, the perpetual cycle of love and death unfolds, for all the tragic conflicts into which Shakespeare's heroes fall, and for the resolution of which they struggle, begin in the name of love, which transfigures into hate, and finally ends fatally. On 18 and 19. April in the schwere reiter

"For you my love!" tells six plays that begin in the microcosm of the family (Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, King Lear, Othello, Macbeth, Richard III). To manifest the cycle of hopelessness, the plays merge into each other, and the performers visibly lose themselves in the stories until they themselves imperceptibly cross the "red line" to violence. As if "Pandora's Box" were opened, the themes of the ancient heroes awaken archaic patterns and forces in the performers as well, beyond the control of civilized society.

"How far would you go for love?" Shakespeare's heroes do not turn back. They die and kill for their goals. Radicalism destroys - then and now! That's what these plays teach us and that's what our world shows us every day.

"For you my love!" is a powerful statement for humanity and peaceful compromise.

The play premiered at Schauburg in 2016 and has been successfully touring ever since. Most recently, it made guest appearances at Globe Theaters and the International Shakespeare Festival in Neuss. Now the acclaimed play returns to Munich.

With: Tim Bergmann, Saša Kekez, Búi Rouch, João Santiago (instead of Moritz Ostruschnjak) and Jannis Spengler

Concept, direction, dramaturgy: Johanna Richter I Stage: Mark Rosinski I Costume: Jörg Christel, Uwe Sinn I Video design: Thomas Göbl, Felix Hartmann I Fight choreography: Heinz Wanitschek I Light: H.P. Boden I Photos: Ufuk Aslan, Heinz Wanitschek

Tickets: 17 € / red. 10 €

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