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K A L E I D O S K O P | Sophie Colindres

6. Juli 2023

Collision of Cultures or Chance for Encounter - K A L E I D O S K O P is a piece about the bicultural sense of identity and related conflicts in people with migration background. The dance piece is based on own individual experiences, which were made by bicultural roots and growing up in Germany.
On July 6 and 7 at MUCCA 31

Unfortunately, it often happens that some people do not accept that one is German because of prejudices. The disbelief about this, the constant questioning and inquiring, leads to self-doubt, especially in young people: you look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what is so "different" about you. The potential for conflict is particularly high during this time of growing up and finding oneself.

Imposed otherness marginalizes. The compatibility of belonging and identity fragments. Although one has never felt different, one is now confronted with "being different". You believe you have to choose a culture and at the same time you don't feel you belong one hundred percent anywhere. Yet young people in particular need the feeling of belonging. Because of biculturalism, this is not easy. The second generation in particular has its own needs and interests and yet does not want to realize them against the value standards and action requirements of its family and culture of origin. The consequence is an internal generational conflict, an identity crisis, when individual ideas are asserted against the values of the previous generation.

K A L E I D O S K O P creates a space in which six professional and amateur dancers (aged 16-23) from the fields of contemporary, breakdance and hiphop, in collaboration with choreographer Sophie Haydee Colindres, can process, share and exchange their experiences through both words and movement. The experiences, thought processes and movements that emerge serve as building material for the stage play.

Performances on:

06 July 19:00 - premiere

07 July 11:00 am - school performance

07 July 18:30

at the Mucca 31 (Hall 8) Schwere Reiter Str. 2c , 80797 München

There will be an audience discussion following each performance.

Tickets on PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN basis

(recommended for pupils per ticket 7-12 €, adults 15-20€)

Group registrations with number of students as well as accompanying persons and donation to

One-way tickets at

More info at

Sophie Colindres was born in Munich and currently works as a freelance choreographer and dancer. Fellowships in dance and sports science took her to the Peridance Center in NYC and Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London, with her final choreography "What if?" winning the Conservatoire's Simone Michelle Award. Through her interest in a wide variety of creative processes, she is always expanding her spectrum: dancer in TV and music video productions (O2xELIF 2020, Sarah Connor's "Ring out the Bells" 2022, Sojo UK 2023, and many more), actress and dancer in theater productions (Munich's Residenztheater including "ist mein Mikro an?" & "More Black than Purple", directed by Daniela Kranz) as well as conception and movement direction (Tetra Brass concert series "ATEM" 2022).

Now Sophie Colindres focuses on the creation of her own pieces and celebrates her debut with K A L E I D O S K O P - Nodes of bicultural glass shards danced into a polychrome intercultural mosaic here in Munich, funded by the City of Munich and the program U25 - Direction: Young Cultural Initiatives of the Fonds Soziokultur.

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