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LISTENING – AESTHETICS OF ACCESS | Naomi Sanfo | Lisa Rykena & Carolin Jüngst (Munich | Hamburg)

3. Nov. 2023

Performer Naomi Sanfo and choreographic duo Rykena/Jüngst share their ideas and experiences in the artistic handling of audio description as well as their power critique therein through this workshop. Within the framework of SPIELART on November 03 at MUCCA

Audio description in dance is the language and voice-based description of what is happening on stage – the description of bodies, movement and situations. It is the access device for a blind or visually impaired audience to experience theatrical events. In a combination of theory and practice, creative ways of artistic audio description shall be tested to translate dance and performance into a descriptive language and sounds. The workshop participants will be both protagonists as well as descriptors.


Naomi Sanfo is a visually impaired dance teacher, performer, access dramaturg and audio describer. She lives and works in Hamburg and researches, among other things as a dancer with the dance company Chorosom, the diversity of audio description and "dance that can be experienced with all the senses".

Rykena/Jüngst, as an artistic duo, deal with queer-feminist, intersectional, and body discourses on ableist critique and the transformation of the normative categorisation of bodies. To do this, they reach back for classical as well as pop culture material, creating hybrid forms and grotesque embodiments with the aim of dissolving stereotypical and heteronormative (gender)ascriptions.Since the end of 2020, they also started an intense exploration of agency, access and ableist structures in dance and theatre, as audio descriptors artistically integrating access resources such as audio description itself, sign language, or simple language into their pieces. The workshop is part of their LISTENING series.


12:00 – 15:30

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