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Ode an die Dinge | Laura Saumweber & Paula Niehoff

28. Sept. 2023

How many things do we need? What value do they have and who do they actually belong to? What do we long for and what ultimately brings us together? In Ode to Things, Laura Saumweber and Paula Niehoff delve into the fog of the thing monster, the glassy world of material wealth, the uncompromising struggle for a lady's hat and the passionate defense of a porcelain cup - until it breaks. On September 28 at the LUISE

In Ode to Things, Trude and Rosalie devote themselves to things in their very own way. A cup, a chair, an old telephone, the inherited coat - things that tell stories, define us and develop a life of their own. The stage constantly reshapes itself with and through the many objects, becoming a wonderland, living room or the purest chaos. While one lives in a world of appreciation, full of care and attention to detail, the other is ruled by impatience, excess and clumsiness.

Artistic direction & dance: Laura Saumweber & Paula Niehoff

Co-direction & dramaturgy: Martha Kröger

Composition: Florian Sonnleitner

Lighting design: Ingo Jooß

Assistance object theater: Robert Buschbacher

Space: Saal, LUISE spielt

Age: For all people from 8-108 years old

Admission: 5€



Organizer:in: LUISE in cooperation with contweedancecollective

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