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PROPHÉTIQUE (ON EST DÉJÀ NÉ.ES) | Nadia Beugré (Abidjan | Montpellier)

3. Nov. 2023

For her most recent work, Nadia Beugré returned to her hometown of Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire, meeting members of the local transgender community: People who move between genders, in a patriarchal society that, at best, pretends not to notice them. Hairdressers by day, divas on the dancefloor by night, they live both publicly and in secrecy at the same time, stirring up Abidjan nights by coming up with their own dances – a mixture of voguing and coupé-décalé. Within the framework of SPIELART on November 3 and 4 at Muffathalle

Nadia Beugré takes her audience along into this in-between world in which fixed roles have ceased to exist. An exciting evening during which everything becomes fluid and mutable: the performers’ bodies as well as the stage space, which fluctuates between performance stage and hairdressers’ salon. The personal stories and relations from within the ensemble – comprised of non-professional as well as professional dancers – paints an intimate portrait of this community.Following LEGACY and L’HOMME RARE, both of which also performed at SPIELART, Nadia Beugré continues her examination of gender and identity with PROPHÉTIQUE, developing, from the malleable aesthetics of bodies in movement, a far-reaching critique on ascribed and assumed role models: in family, in society, in history.


Following traditional dance training, Nadia Beugré was a founding member of Tché Tche – Béatrice Kombé’s exclusively female dance ensemble with which she toured Africa, Europe, and North America. She later turned towards contemporary dance, taking choreography lessons with Germaine Acogny in Senegal and at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier. She founded her own dance company Libr’Arts in 2020. She is associate artist to La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne and ICI CCN de Montpellier Occitanie. Nadia Beugré was born in Abidjan and lives and works between Montpellier and Abidjan.

PROPHÉTIQUE premiered at Brussel’s Kunstenfestivaldesarts in May 2023.

03.11.21:00 – 22:10

04.11.21:00 – 22:10


Artistic Direction Nadia Beugré Scenography Jean-Christophe Lanquetin Lighting Design Anthony Merlaud Light management Beatrice Kaysel Artistic Assistance Christian Romain Kossa Outside eye Nadim Bahsoun | Adonis Nebié Performance Beyoncé | Canel | Jhaya Caupenne | Taylor Dear | Acauã Shereya El Bandide | Kevin Kero

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