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The Garden of Falling Sands | Yolanda Morales & Team

1. März 2024

In the Mexican city of Monterrey, a city on the border with the USA, a special form of Latin American cumbia music has developed since the 1970s: cumbia colombiana. The dances of this cumbia, which are characterized by slowed-down rhythmic shifts, are predominantly practised by marginalized communities there and are constantly changing in line with styles, fashions and the urgencies of social conditions. Here, living traditional dance functions as a ritual of identity and empowerment. In The Garden of Falling Sands, Yolanda Morales and her team install a utopian, magical place on stage, a garden bathed in a yellow, warming light. On March 01 and 02 at HochX

A place that is fictitiously embedded in this other cultural space, in the barren, ecologically and politically crisis-ridden desert landscape of northern Mexico. It raises questions about the permeability of borders and affiliations in the face of the inhumane effects of a global economic system based solely on growth and profit interests. How do new rituals emerge that can create common ground in our increasingly divergent societies? In her latest work, Hamburg-based Mexican choreographer Yolanda Morales once again explores the roots of her origins and the echoes they create in her German homeland. A homeland that is characterized by a Eurocentric view, also of her dance art, in which she as a choreographer consistently adopts a de-colonizing stance.

Invited to the Dance Platform 2024!

Part of the international guest performance series Split and Merge by PATHOS theater and HochX

Duration: approx. 70 min.

Language: English and Spanish

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