thought about dance – Freie Tanzszene München 1990 & 2022

30. Nov. 2022

A cinema event of Tanzbüro München on 30.11 at Monopol Kino

Tickets: 10,50 / reduced 8,50





  • Greeting by Mayor Katrin Habenschaden (2nd Mayor of the City of Munich)

  • Cinema premiere of the BR documentary "Freie Szene: Tanztheater" from the magazine "Spielzeit. The Theater Diary of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation" (1990 / authors: Katja Ragnelli, Konrad Wickler / Editing: Peter Windgassen / Length: 20 min. / In German language)

  • Premiere of the film "7 thoughts about dance" with short portraits of the Munich choreographers Anna Konjetzky, Ceren Oran, Diego Tortelli, Jasmine Ellis, Micha Purucker, Moritz Ostruschnjak and Stephan Herwig (2022 / Concept, direction: Miria Wurm / Camera: Anne Gryczka/ Rue Nouvelle / In English, length: 20 min.)





"Munich's independent dance scene is diverse, works on a high artistic level and has individual signatures. And so, in recent years, its protagonists have increasingly received supra-regional and international attention. We are convinced of the enormous potential of contemporary dance from Munich and would like to contribute to raising this art form and the great potential of its protagonists onto the stage of the city society.

(the initiators Tina Meß and Simone Schulte-Aladag, Tanzbüro München)


Sneak into Munich's Contemporary Dance Scene: On November 30, Munich's independent dance scene will be presented in two films on the big screen. Initiated by TANZBÜRO MÜNCHEN, this year seven short film portraits of current Munich choreographers were created under the title "7 thoughts about dance", which will now be shown for the first time on the big screen and provide an insight into the liveliness, diversity and high aesthetic quality of Munich's independent dance scene (in English). The view of the now is complemented by a documentary film by Bayerischer Rundfunk from 1990, which sheds light on the actors of contemporary dance at the time, their working methods and also the cultural-political environment (in German).


The event will be opened by the 2nd Mayor Katrin Habenschaden, who will discuss the relationship between the city and dance, the independent scene and cultural policy. After the film screenings, we will talk to the protagonists of the free dance scene of 1990 and 2022 over a glass of prosecco. There will be the opportunity to ask questions and to get to know the free dance scene and its protagonists better - or for the first time.




7 thoughts about dance (2022)

 "7 thoughts about dance" gives the diversity of Munich's independent dance scene a face, or rather seven faces. In the film, the choreographers Anna Konjetzky, Ceren Oran, Diego Tortelli, Jasmine Ellis, Micha Purucker, Moritz Ostruschnjak and Stephan Herwig talk about their working methods and choreographic ways of thinking. Short excerpts from their productions can also be seen. Those portrayed are dance-makers of different generations and provenance, all of whom have an unmistakable aesthetic signature: Micha Purucker, the "grand seigneur" of the scene who has been active since the 1980s; Anna Konjetzky, the queer feminist who has been touring internationally for more than two decades; Stephan Herwig, the purist who originally came from the Purucker company; Jasmine Ellis, the film and stage choreographer with a penchant for cross-discipline, the mash-up specialist with TikTok dramaturgy Moritz Ostruschnjak, Ceren Oran, who produces for young and adult audiences alike and has a preference for public space, and Diego Tortelli, who plays with technology and scientific theories and composes bodies in TETRIS style.


The film was conceived and realized by creative producer Miria Wurm, the interviews with the choreographers were conducted by choreographer Terry Kohler. With the filmmaker Anne Gryczka from Rue Nouvelle/Paris and her sister Marie (photography, assistant director) congenial collaborators could be found. "When working on the artist portraits, the literal portrait idea was most important to me, that is, to show the head, the person behind the art. On the one hand, I always find illuminating the background extremely exciting, because it shows the process and the thoughts behind the pieces, which actually only show a snapshot and an as-is state in front of an audience at a certain point X in time. On the other hand, I think we always look for the person behind the art, since it is this person with whom we want to enter into exchange - the art only serves as an interface." (Miria Wurm)



Free Scene: Dance Theater

From: Spielzeit. The Bavarian Broadcasting Company's Theater Diary (1990)

The BR documentary by authors Katja Ragnelli and Konrad Wickler from the 1990s portrays in interviews, rehearsal and performance excerpts the protagonists and initiatives of the independent dance scene at that time, which still determine it today in many ways. Thus, as a kind of bracket to the film of 2022, the young Micha Purucker can be seen rehearsing his production of "Darwin Waltzes" at that time. The grande dame of contemporary dance Jessica Iwanson, who founded the Iwanson International dance school that still exists in Munich today, and Birgitta Trommler, who today promotes young Munich dancers in her festival HERE=NOW, among other things, let us look over their shoulders during performances. Urban pop queen Angelika Meindl, who has focused on dance and mixed reality in recent years, talks about her work "Paralellwelt", the former head of the ballet at the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, Günther Pick, makes a 'breakout' into the independent scene and the former Prima Ballerina at the Bavarian State Ballet, Eva Marie Lerchenberg choreographs "Die Orestie". Brigitte von Welser, then working for the Department of Culture and subsequently head of the Gasteig for 18 years, and Walter Heun, then managing director of the Tanztendenz München choreographers' association, which still exists today and is now director of the annual TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA, also have their say. The connections of the once to the now are as diverse, creative and exciting as their protagonists.





The film and the campaign "7 thoughts about dance" based on it were initiated by TANZBÜRO MÜNCHEN, aka the producers and curators Tina Meß and Simone Schulte-Aladag. For them, the visibility of Munich's dance scene is at the top of the agenda:

"There has never been a marketing campaign for contemporary dance and independent dance makers in Munich. We want to make dance and the actors* more visible in our city and show the potential of the art form for a diverse, changing audience."


In order to raise awareness of contemporary dance and its makers among audiences and cultural politicians, TANZBÜRO MÜNCHEN has been implementing a broad marketing campaign since August 2022: via social media, a presence at the International Dance Fair Düsseldorf, and the presentation of a trailer produced especially for the campaign on public transport, Munich's independent dance scene is being presented to a wide audience. The diversity and quality of this art form in Munich, which is perhaps still unknown to many, will be shown. The highlight and celebration of the campaign is now the cinema event "thoughts about dance", which is intended to encourage people to get to know each other and exchange ideas.


The project is supported by BUERO RITTER / TANZPAKT RECONNECT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULUTUR. Aid Program Dance.

TANZBÜRO MÜNCHEN is supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich.