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We rise by lifting others | Marinella Senatore

An exhibition of the Museum VILLA STUCK from May 4 to September 10, 2023.

Marinella Senatore (born 1977) is a central figure in contemporary art. With her projects she creates places where people can develop something together and unfold their creativity. Following the tradition of the Greek agora, the Roman forum or the local main square, the artist creates frameworks to enable and accompany these encounters. Her art creates a public sphere. She channels interpersonal energy to create community and make the art project an identity-building foundation. Together, they make films, write radio reports or prepare dance performances. When the artist talks about her work, she doesn't list the works that have been created, but the contributors: There are now more than seven million people worldwide.

An exhibition in two chapters

In addition to the processual projects, which are conceived as participatory installations or as actions in public space, her work includes drawings, collages, photographs, textiles, photographs, sound compositions, films, paintings, small sculptures and light installations, so-called luminarie, some of which were created collaboratively. The individual works are related to the large participatory projects. Often the artist processes diverse material brought in by contributors. The drawings also bear witness to her own experiences as an international activist, although she sometimes uses newspaper clippings or iconic photographs as models. Many of the works carry literary, philosophical, and political slogans that contributors bring to the meetings. Seen and read together, they complement each other while expanding their potential meaning through a new context: We Rise by Lifting Others has become a statement of intent.

The Museum VILLA STUCK, in collaboration with the Museum der Moderne Salzburg and the Generali Foundation, is hosting the artist's largest solo exhibition to date as a project in two chapters, on view in both cities at the same time. The two presentations complement each other and offer an overview of Senatore's oeuvre as a whole. Questions about the tension between the individual and the collective, about longings and belonging, about sociopolitical inclusion and alternative forms of organization are discussed, as is the transformative potential of art. In addition to numerous drawings, collages, banners and light installations, an open project space will be available in Munich, which can be used both individually and as part of the workshops on offer. In addition, older projects will be reactivated through participatory installations in the museum, such as the open library "The Word Community Feels Good" and the film studio "Rosas Movie Set".

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