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Workshop : "interdisciplinary dance theater between acting and dance" for professional dancers and actors | Johanna Richter

17. Apr. 2023

The WS plays with the "performing body" in multiple facets of interactive relationship, and with its repertoire beyond abstract dance. It is about situational movement, specific interaction, the threshold between playful gesture and dance, language as a continuation of physical communication, and improvisation with themes of play in fusion with dance vocabulary. 17.4 - 22.4 at the schwere reiter

Through the impulses of the performances "For you my love!" and "fear.less" there is the offer for a practical WS to deepen the concept of interdisciplinary work.

The main topics of the WS are improvisation techniques of acting as well as tools of contemporary dance improvisation, e.g. viewpoints, physicalities for characters, partnering, contact improvisation, situational improvisation, development of characters.

Of course, continuous participation in the WS is more desirable, as the topics build on each other and can then be deepened more consistently.

For the preparation of the WS, whose orientation is the interdisciplinary work between dance and acting, this short information would be important for the registration:

- when and where, which training (dance or acting)?

- Professional experience, if then how long?

Monday 17.4.- Saturday 22.4.2023 : daily 10.00 -12.00 / Studio at the Schwere Reiter / 10,00€ per training session.

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