CHAKKARs - Moving Interventions is a platform for 'moving interventions' currently being set up by Sandra Chatterjee and Sarah Bergh with the support of Ariadne Jakoby in Munich. CHAKKARs aims to open up structures, resonance and imagination spaces in which BIPoC, post-migrant, decolonising, (intersectional) difference-critical, racism-critical and critical-white approaches, perspectives and/or contents can be negotiated, seen, initiated and received in and through dance, bodies and body cultures. 


In concrete terms, this means that we organise and design events in collaboration with project participants that address and negotiate these issues. From 2019 to 2021, for example, workshops on situating structural racism in contemporary dance, panel discussions on the topic of forgotten dancers/forgotten archives or performative installations as an impetus for deconstructing Eurocentric perspectives in relation to dance could be realised. At the same time, we are working on research that seeks out different Munich dance histories and gives the various dance forms a framework of equal existence and invites them to exchange. We are also working on discursive formats such as the publication of a digital magazine in order to offer a platform to the multiple and simultaneous experiences of dance actors with structural racism in relation to the body and through the body.

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