Louise Flanagan was born in England and lives in Munich as a freelance costume designer. She received her training in classical ballet at the Royal Ballet School in London. She then began her professional dance career at the Vanemuine Theatre in Estonia. Due to her special interest in designing dance productions and her creative skills, she decided to retrain after two years and pursue a career as a costume designer. 


She has designed costumes for the Bayerische Staatsballett, the Ballett am Rhein, the Stanislawski- und Nemirowitsch-Dantschenko-Musiktheater in Moskau, Theater Regensburg, Oper Graz, Theater St. Gallen and Origen Festival Cultural, among others. She collaborates with choreographers and directors such as Sam Brown, Terence Kohler, Dustin Klein, Andreas Heise, Yuki Mori, Fabien Prioville, Peter Leung, Dimo Kirilov Milev and Ihsan Rustem.







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