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Under the title "experiement.kopfbau," the City of Munich is making the former ticket hall of the Riem airport grandstand available rent-free to changing actors for social and cultural experiments: After the start in the year 2022 social and culture department call together associations, initiatives, groupings, mechanisms and culture-creative (professional like also honorary Akteur:innen and Lai:innen) from Munich and the Munich S-Bahn range to submit until Tuesday, 31 January their expression of interest for the period 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

Detailed information is available at

The aim is to achieve a multifunctional and interdisciplinary mix of uses in the spectrum of social, cultural projects and district interests, which will be shaped by changing actors. The decision on the submissions is made by a program round with the participation of the district committee 15 - Trudering-Riem.

The experimental phase in the Messestadt-Riem head-end building is an explicit invitation to try out this special building for various activities. The experiences from the experimental phase will be used to develop long-term possibilities of use for the Kopfbau. Information about the program activities can be found on the website

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