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Fat Cat | Gasteig



Europe's largest interim use project is picking up speed. Since the start of the complete renovation of the Gasteig is still a while off, the city council has decided on an interim use. The contract was awarded to the non-profit Fat Cat gGmbH, consisting of Nepomuk Scheßl (MünchenMusik), Michi Kern ( Utopia, Sugar Mountain, Fluffy Clouds ), Till Hofmann (Lustspielhaus) and Barbara Bergau (Bellevue di Monaco).

The name Fat Cat, by the way, comes from Michi Kern because the Gasteig "sits up there like a fat cat looking down on the city." Now the cat is to be awakened from its lethargy and life is to return to the many event halls, catering units and office spaces.


In a "call for ideas", people, organizations, start-ups and initiatives are now being sought who need space, want to realize new ideas or are planning events. In particular, sub- and socio-cultural projects, the off-theater scene, musicians, bands, dance ensembles, choirs, cultural organizers, restaurateurs as well as social organizations and associations are called upon. Companies planning events or looking for office space may also feel addressed.

Halls of various sizes (from 30 to 2,400 people) are available, offering space for events of all kinds - from chamber plays to techno nights. In addition, there are numerous office and rehearsal rooms where people can work and exchange ideas, which can be set up as studios or workshops, or where musicians can rehearse. In different gastronomic units, from café-bars to star kitchens, every gastronomic fantasy can be realized.

Fat Cat the following possibilities / spaces:

  • Studio space

  • Offices

  • Various rooms and halls for events of all kinds - for 30 to 2,400 people (with or without seats)

  • Foyer rooms

  • Galleries

  • Gastronomy area

  • Cinema

  • Concerts

  • Stores

  • Social and cultural projects

  • Theater performances

  • Practice and rehearsal rooms

  • Workshops

In order to find and activate as many actors as possible, Fat Cat gGmbH calls on all interested parties to participate in a public call. If you want to participate, please send us a short and informal concept or a request, with photos, drawings, ... otherwise just describe the idea or the need.

Here you can find more information and the possibility to send in ideas:

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