Based in Munich/Germany. She created interdisciplinary productions with musicians, visual artists and actors. Her fascination lies in the observation of intra-human relating beyond words or cultural conditioning, always wondering if communication is actually possible, and if dancing might be a way. 

Early on eager to develop her own artistic vision, she founded in 2009 with her Argentinian colleague Cecilia Loffredo the Cia. Quiero Ser Agua, whose 9 productions were performed in Europe and Latin America.

In 2019 she ran a research-project in collaboration with Argentinian Choreographer Rodrigo Pardo, funded by the city of Munich: Entanglements – gender, cultural identity and reflections of power hierarchies in argentine Tango and contemporary dance techniques, out of which she developed the recently premiered piece ASYMMETRICAL ENCOUNTERS. In 2021 she got the TakeCare grant of Fonds Daku to study sign-language, in order to prepare the site-specific performance VISUAL VIBRATIONS in collaboration with deaf dancer and actor Kassandra Wedel.

She keeps on touring her work in Europe and Latin America. As a dancer/performer she has been working for different national and international companies and choreographers. She also works as a Tango Trainer in Europe and Asia for amateurs and professionals.

Rosalie Wanka is trained in classical Ballet (Opera Ballet School Vienna and Munich), contemporary Dance (MA Bruckner University, pPostgraduate Studies at Universidad del Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Argentine Tango. In 21/22 she takes part of the Programm 'Curating in the live Arts' from the University of Salzburg and Freie Universität Berlin.

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