Anna Konjetzky

Freelance dancer, choreographer, director, dance teacher, Qigong instructor.


Training in Buenos Aires in contemporary dance, improvisation and composition;

Further training in various dance and movement techniques and movement anatomy.

Qigong training in Germany and further training in Germany and Argentina.


Dancer, director and choreographer for dance and theatre productions in Germany, Austria, Argentina and USA, also for film and television; production of own solo and group choreographies in Germany and abroad. Collaboration with musicians, actors and visual artists.


Teaching activity:

- Lecturer for contemporary dance and choreography, Tango Argentino, Qigong course leader and self-developed "in-spiral Qigong"/"in spiral Body" (also connected with dance).

- Dance, movement, performance and projects for the 1st to 3rd year at the Academy for Performing Arts Bavaria in Regensburg (since 2001) 

- Advanced training for Modern Creative Dance




Ruth Golic

Tel: 089- 1675072

Courses and Training.