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Freelancing in the Culture

Labor Ateliers | Dachauer Str. 112d, 80797 München, Deutschland

The workshop "Self-employed in culture" is about the basics of working as a freelance artist. The first part deals with the tax registration of a self-employed activity, the difference between a freelance and a commercial activity, the correct invoicing and the general distinction between a self-employed and a dependent activity. After the lunch break, the focus will be on social security. First, the health insurance options for the self-employed will be presented, with a special focus on the topics of artists' social insurance and hybrid employment. This will be followed by a look at other insurance options (stage pension, pension and accident insurance, etc.). In all workshop parts, the international dimension will also be considered, as working across borders is often an elementary part of working in the cultural sector.

Sebastian Hoffmann works at the International Theatre Institute (ITI) - Center Germany in Berlin. He coordinates the touring artists advisory service on the administrative regulations of cross-border working in the cultural sector ( He studied North American Studies and Film Studies at FU Berlin and Reed College (USA) and has worked as an agent and promoter in the music sector as well as a consultant at Music Pool Berlin and at the Smart Cooperative.

February 02, 2024, 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Studio 2 | Labor Ateliers | Dachauer Straße 112d, 80636 Munich, Germany

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