Artist Hacks

Here there are various information to simplify the creation of artistic projects organistorically. 

Model contracts

In cooperation with the law firm Laaser, we have created model contracts for the usual regulatory needs in the field of independent performing arts, especially in dance. These can be requested from us free of charge. Please fill out the disclaimer and send it to

In addition, touring artists offers annotated model contracts for the visual and performing arts. The contracts contain information that is particularly relevant for the conclusion of contracts between partners from different countries. Sample contracts for guest performances, residencies and co-productions are also online.


Tax & Law

On her website, attorney Sonja Laaser offers compact information on contract und labor law, among other things, such as cancellation fees in the event of a performance being canceled, agreement on guest performance contracts, job shadowing and minimum wage, mini-jobs, and a checklist for foreigners' law. From 2020 on the Kleinunternehmerregelung will be raised from 17,500 to 22,000 euros of the previous year's turnover and will thus apply retroactively for 2019.

For the knowledge platform CAMPUS of the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste, the Berlin law firm Laaser explains contract law in a podcast and provides further information on legal forms and the onward transfer of public funding.

The Handbook on Theater Law by theater maker Christoph Nix, published by Theater der Zeit in 2019, is a practice-oriented guidebook that provides information on the legal basis for stage artists at state theaters, as freelance artists, or as a group. Among other things, stage labor law, association and company law, copyright law and questions of co-determination are explained in an up-to-date and comprehensible manner. In addition, the volume contains a selected collection of the most important stage law texts, the NV Bühne and sample contracts.

The State Association of Independent Theaters in Lower Saxony (LaFT) provides information in its primer for independent theater in German, English and Arabic on various topics such as legal principles, communication, cost and financing plans and sample contracts.


The Bavarian State Ministry of Finance, State Development and Home Affairs provides tax tips for artists.


In addition, touring artists provides information on current changes in the law.


Theaterbüro München – How To's

On its website, Theaterbüro München offers tips and advice on planning your own productions in the performing arts. The How To’s created for this purpose provide information on topics such as budgeting, rehearsal rooms and sample contracts.


Creability – Praxishandbuch für inklusive Kunst und Kulturarbeit

The practical manual for the CREABILITY project is now available. On more than 150 pages, it provides useful instructions and checklists for designing creative offerings in the fields of dance, drama and music - for people with and without disabilities. The Un-Label Performing Arts Company coordinated the project, which was funded by the EU's ERASMUS+ program and also involved TU Dortmund University and the Greek non-profit organization SMouTh.


Paul Kinder Künstlersozialwerk e.V.

Das Paul Klinger Sozialwerk e.V. bietet Unterstützung von und für Künstler:innen an. In Beratungsgesprächen, die von Künstler:innen selbst sowie von Fachpersonal durchgeführt werden, werden die individuellen Besonderheiten, abhängig von der persönlichen Lebens- und Berufssituation, besprochen. Auch Anliegen rund um die Künstlersozialkasse (KSK) inkl. Antragsverfahren und Hilfe bei der Beantragung von Förderungen und Stiftungsgeldern können thematisiert werden.


Artists' social security contribution


Artists' social security contributions are only payable if an artistic or journalistic service has actually been rendered. If a service is not rendered, no artists' social security contributions are due. Therefore, claims for damages and contractual penalties are not part of the reportable remuneration. If cancellation fees are paid even though a service has not been provided, they are to be treated as contractual penalties and are therefore not reportable. On the other hand, contingency fees for services already rendered that are merely not utilized or used must be reported to the KSK.

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