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7 thoughts about dance

Filmed by rue nouvelle, we portray seven choreographers from Munich who we will present at Tanzmesse 2022. Among them are Anna Konjetzky, Ceren Oran, Diego Tortelli, Jasmine Ellis, Micha Purucker, Moritz Ostruschnjak and Stephan Herwig.



Tanzpakt Reconnect

A package of measures to strengthen Munich's independent dance scene by intensifying networking, improving technical equipment and expanding the personnel structure.



Meeting Points

Meeting Points is the first collaboration between The Work Room (Glasgow) and Tanzbüro München. Within the framework of the project, two one-week meetings in the form of research labs will be realized. These will be the starting point for further artistic collaborations between Scottish and German artists. 2024 marks the third edition with Munich-based artists Kathrin Knöpfle and Matteo Carvone.



Creatio Continua

Creatio Continua is a digital archive project that seeks to enhance the act of creation by providing a platform for a community of choreographers associated with Munich to unite in artistic solidarity.


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