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Meeting Points

The Work Room, Glasgow and Tanzbüro München have launched this project with the aim of establishing a long-term exchange and creative collaboration between independent choreographers in Scotland and Germany. The international exchange project "Meeting Points" is the first cooperation between Tanzbüro München and The Work Room/Glasgow.

Meeting Points – The Projekt

Meeting Points is the first collaboration between The Work Room (Glasgow, Scotland) and Tanzbüro München. The aim is to establish a long-term network for exchange and joint projects between the two organizations. The project will also be the starting point for further artistic collaborations between Scottish and German artists.


Within the framework of the project, two one-week meetings in the form of research labs will be realized - one week in Glasgow and one in Munich. The focus is not only on exchange with the other artists, but also on networking in the city, which is why the Research Labs take place during festivals.


The Work Room (TWR) is a membership-based organization that aims to create a sustainable environment for independent artists in Scotland. Its mission is to support artists in the practice of their profession by assisting them in the production of high quality contemporary dance formats in a national and international context.

national and international context. Among other things, studios are available at Tramway Glasgow for which residencies are awarded to choreographers.

Meeting Points II - Munich goes Glasgow

After the first week of work in November, the four dance makers, Laura Saumweber, Quindell Orton (Munich) and Bridie Gane, David West (Glasgow), met in Glasgow from May 9-15 for the second Research Lab.  The four artists came together to exchange ideas and work with each other in the studio. A trip to  Cove Park, a venue for artist:in residencies, was also organized, as well as a day in Edinburgh at Imaginate – Edinburgh International Children's Festival to expand personal networks and learn more about the dance scene and the country.

On May 13, there was a reception at the Goethe Institute in Glasgow, where the artists shared their experiences.

Meeting Points II Cove Park.JPG

Meeting Points II - Glasgow goes Munich

From November 3rd to 9th the Scottish dancers and choreographers from The Work Room, Glasgow Bridie Gane and David West visited us.

Together with the Munich-based dance makers Laura Saumweber and Quindell Orton, they had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the Playground Studio on the Kreativquartier site, to get to know each other and to exchange ideas about their work and to try out working approaches and practices in dance.

On the first day there was an impulse by Susanne Schneider, during the week the artists had the opportunity to participate in the Bad Lemons Project. At the end of the intensive working week there was a get-together in the studio with representatives of the dance scene from Munich.

We look forward to seeing you again in Glasgow in May 2022!


Meeting Points II - Artists

Also for the second round it was not an easy decision to select four dance artists for the cooperation project between The Work Room, Glasgow and Tanzbüro München. But now the artists have been chosen:


 Laura Saumweber and Quindell Orton from Munich will participate and will use the second round of the project "Meeting Points" with the Scottish dance makers Bridie Gane and David West to exchange ideas without the usual production pressure. The first meeting will take place in November 2021 in Munich, then in May 2022 they will go to Glasgow.


Laura Saumweber



Bridie Gane



Quindell Orton



David West


Meeting Points II is supported by DIEHL+RITTER/TANZPAKT RECONNECT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Aid Program Dance.


Meeting Points I - Glasgow goes Munich

After a first collaborative week of work in Glasgow in October 2019, Sahra Huby and Ceren Oran (Munich), Rob Heaslip and Tamsyn Russell (Glasgow) now met for the second Research Lab in Munich in early March 2020. The four artists came together again for a week to share their practices in the studio, exchange experiences and work together as part of the Dance Platform Germany 2020. The opportunity for each artist to expand personal networks and learn more about the dance scene in their respective countries.

On March 7, 2020, the artists opened the studio to give visitors of the Dance Platform an insight into their working process.

Meeting Points_Munich.jpeg

Meeting Points I - Artists

It was not an easy decision given the many exciting applications for Meeting Points, the first cooperation between The Work Room (Glasgow, Scotland) and Tanzbüro München, but now the four participants have been chosen:


Sahra Huby and Ceren Oran will travel to Glasgow in October to exchange ideas with their Scottish colleagues Tamsyn Russell and Rob Heaslip. Next March, the second joint meeting will take place in Munich as part of the Dance Platform 2020.


As part of an open-ended research lab, the artists will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, attend performances together and, of course, get to know other artists, important venues and institutions in the other city.

Ceren Oran

Ceren Oran


Rob (c) The Work Room

Rob Heaslip


Sahra Huby

Sahra Huby


Tamsyn (c) The Work Room

Tamsyn Russell


Meeting Points is supported by the British Council Germany & British Council Scottland and is a cooperation of Tanzbüro München and The Work Room.


Meeting Points I - Munich goes Glasgow

From October 21 to 26, the Müchner dancers and choreographers Sahra Huby and Ceren Oran were guests of The Work Room, Glasgow. Together with the Scottish project participants, Tamsyn Russell and Rob Heaslip, they had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in The Work Room studio, to get to know each other and to try out different working approaches and ideas without the usual production pressure. In addition, there was further input: an impulse workshop with Christine Devaney from Curious Seed, morning professional trainings with teachers and dancers from the local scene, a reception at the Goethe-Institut and the joint visit of several performances of the festival Dance International Glasgow. An intense, wonderful artistic exchange that fortunately continues: we look forward to seeing you again in Munich in early March 2020.

meeting points_Glasgow.jpg
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