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Helga Seemann

Dance performer, mourning dancer

Coming from classical ballet, followed a pedagogical education with TU degree. Through various dance techniques such as: Modern, Graham, Flamenco, Mime Corporel and Butho, she came to her form of contemporary expressive dance.

With her own projects she has been working as a performer and choreographer on and off stage since 1984.

Helga Seewann was co-organizer of the "westendstudios".

As part of this, dance performances were held by her at a wide variety of venues, including a memorial dance in St. Paul in honor of Theodoros Boulgarides.

Since 2005, she has helped to shape mourning and memorial ceremonies through individual dance performances.

Helga Seewann has been teaching in her own studio in Munich-Schwabing since 1981. From 1988-2009 she was a movement teacher at the drama school Ruth von Zerboni. In Southern Italy she gave movement theater and dance improvisation courses from 1984-2001.

Her work follows the motto: create spaces, soften boundaries, show possibilities, maintain diversity, take responsibility.


Isabellastraße 13

80798 Munich

089/272 49 06

Helga Seemann
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