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Lena Grossmann

Choreographer, Fine Artist

Lena Grossmann is a choreographer and visual artist. (Studied at the AdbK Munich with Prof. Olaf Nicolai (master student) and studied music composition (MA) at the ZhdK Zurich with Prof. Isabel Mundry).

Starting from analytical and practical confrontations with movement sequences in dance, she develops a range of possibilities in her artistic practice to approach the relationship between body and space. She develops formats from various elements of choreography, stage design, notation of composition and sculpture. In the connection of visual arts and dance she searches for new body-form- and image-languages while working together with dancers, performers and artists. Following her interdisciplinary approach, Lena Grossmann works on a system of movement notation that visualizes thinking in terms of the relationship between space and body. In this way, she seeks new approaches to questions of translation and to structure-expanding thinking in the choreographic field. The body is challenged to think.

The performative spatial structure "x ways through organized space" was on view at the Bundeskunstalle in Bonn in 2019/20.

Her debut project "code and shadow; reverse TRIO" took place at Kunstraum München in 2020.

She is currently working on a choreographic research on "mimetic movement strategies".

Lena Grossmann
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