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Mey Seifan


Mey Seifan (*1981 Damascus) has been engaged in recent years in exploring the dialogue between body and protest. She explores the conscious and unconscious levels, as well as the space in between. In 2011, she created the Syrian Dreams project, in which she archived dreams of Syrians during the revolution. Since then, her projects have been based on this archive and the questions that arise from it. After many years of ballet training in Damascus, the Syrian choreographer completed her dance studies at the

Frankfurt University of the Performing Arts in 2004. She then worked both in Germany and Syria, where she founded the dance institution TANWEEN and established the Damascus Contemporary Dance Platform.

In 2011 she left Syria for political reasons and has been living in Munich ever since.

Choreographies: Destruction for Beginners 1 (2013), Cocoon (2013 short film), Destruction for Beginners 2 (2014), Destruction for Beginners 1 reloaded (2015).


Mey Seifan, TANWEEN COMPANY for dance and theater Wettersteinstr. 6 81547 Munich, Germany.

0049 (0)177 5992977

Mey Seifan
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