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Micha Purucker


Micha Purucker has been working as a freelance choreographer, dancer, movement trainer and coach for over 35 years. Homebase and focus of his work is Munich.

Since the mid-eighties with Dance Energy, Purucker's interest in movement, the body and space has continually differentiated itself in new contexts, formats and dancer constellations. His approach and work testify to a deep respect for the bodily condition and recognition of the "nature that we ourselves are" (Gernot Böhme). Purucker aims at its cultivation, at a practice of unfolding, articulation and diversity.


Years of study at the TU Munich (architecture) and the LMU (theater studies, folklore, art history) solidified an ongoing interest in topics related to space, art, anthropology, history, and politics. His artistic works reflect this interest and bring it to the physical level: never is it about illustration or representation. The work is understood as a physical coming together with a theme or a corresponding situation. It is not about distance, illustration, description, but about closeness and presence. Just as the dancers are challenged to embark on a 'journey' in each piece, the audience is invited to join in and set out on their own.


Purucker's approach was met with approval and recognition early on. Focusing on non-linguistic content and on the corresponding channels of communication - the non-verbal channels through which much of our everyday communication and orientation takes place - he is close to ideas of a physically oriented film theory that emphasizes above all the innervation that takes place in the viewer during reception.


Purucker is a multiple award winner of the city of Munich, (among others dance award), promotion award winner rheintanzmediaweb (together with Stephanie Thiersch), optionsgefördert (1997 - 2016). Since 2001 repeated guest lecturer at the Korean National University of Art, founding member of the LDP Laboratory Dance Projects in Seoul, head of the Contemporary Dance Department at Chung Ang University (2007), founding member Tanztendenz München, Theaterverein München, national and international guest performances and projects since 1985.


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Micha Purucker
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