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Simone Lindner

Dance Artist

Simone Lindner was born and raised in Munich in 1984. She studied theater, film and media studies at the University of Vienna and trained in contemporary dance at the Iwanson School. After her studies, she realized various productions with theater director Jörg Wesemüller, among others, which were shown at the Augsburg Brecht Festival at the Stadttheater Augsburg. Her first own dance production and choreography "one day" was funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich in 2019 and revived in 2021 at the Black Box in the Gasteig. With a scene of the follow-up project "Loewenherz" Simone Lindner won with Lena Gorelik and her team the Wortschaufestival in 2020. 2021 she opened with the interactive site specific project "Stadt Tanz Fluss" the "Think Big! Festival - Dance and Performance for Young Audiences." Her production "Bubbles", in which she is also on stage herself, was shown nationally at various festivals in 2022. In 2022 she received the working scholarship of the City of Munich for "playing places".

Her works move at the interface of dance and theater and are currently aimed primarily at a young audience. Her many years of experience as a dance facilitator and producer on behalf of major Munich cultural institutions make her an expert in working with amateurs and semi-professional performers.

0173 8710372

Simone Lindner
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