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Stefan Maria Marb

Dancer, Choreographer, Educator, Psychologist

Stefan Maria Marb lives in Munich and works as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and psychologist with a teaching assignment. He studied contemporary dance at the Dance Center Iwanson and subsequently danced for both national and international companies, such as the Ko Murobushi dance company Tokyo, Man Act London, Dance Energy, TAW Vienna, the Salzburg Festival, the Kammerspiele Munich and for 20 years for the opera ballet of the Bavarian State Opera. Since 1988, he has been intensively involved with butoh dance and its Japanese representatives (Ko Murobushi, Yoshito Ohno, Carlotta Ikeda, Min Tanaka and Mitsutaka Ishi) and has developed his own style. He regularly teaches Butoh in workshops and courses at home and abroad. Since 2014, he has been creating dance performances with the participants of the Butoh studio, an experimental teaching format. Marb has been a national and international choreographer for over 30 years. In 1988, his solo Men of good Fortune was awarded first prize at the choreography competition in Hanover. Since then, he has created a wealth of full-length dance productions and performance cycles sponsored by the City of Munich, including the five-part cycle HONG 32 and the three-part Prometheus. In 2004, he created the piece Golem Part II, which was produced in Slovenia and nominated for the Slovenian Dance Award. In 2006, he collaborated with the New York photographer Stefan Hagen and the filmmaker Sabine Scharf in his multimedia stage solo Liquid Earth. With Betweeen, he brought a full-length duet to the stage in 2008 together with the Slovenian choreographer Tanja Zgonc, which made guest appearances in Ljubljana and Tokyo. In 2010, he developed the site-specific choreographic project Nevada_Body in the USA and presented it as an interdisciplinary project consisting of a photo exhibition, film projection and dance performance at whiteBOX Munich. In 2016, he presented the solo dance production Welten.Tänzer- eine Körperanthologie at Schwere Reiter Munich, where he collaborated with sculptors, a philosopher and horses. With APRES- eine Verwandlung, he presented a comprehensive and interdisciplinary retrospective of his entire oeuvre as a choreographer and performance artist over the past 30 years in Munich's Gasteig. Marb then embarked on a world tour. In 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, he developed the experimental lecture performance Zero as a physical installation in the art space of Munich's KloHäuschen. Most recently, he staged the butoh performance Lazarus-a white shadow, a full-length stage production with musicians Masako Ohta, Jost-H.Hecker and Christoph Nicolaus at Einstein Kultur Munich.

Stefan Maria Marb is a member of Tanztendenz München.

Photo credit: Volker Derlath

0049 (0)170 1676 267

Stefan Maria Marb
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