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Susanne Schneider

Dancer, Dance facilitator, Teacher

Susanne Schneider is based in Munich since 2020 and works as a dancer, dance facilitator and dance teacher.

Her movement practice is influenced by movement techniques and somatic techniques such as Counter Technique, Release Technique, acrobatics, breakdance, BMC, Feldenkrais, Ideokinesis and Klein Technique, as well as diverse choreographic languages and her own anatomical limits.

For her, dance mediation is central to dance as an art form, bridging the gap between researching dance artists, dancing participants, and perceiving audiences. In formats such as Physical Introduction and Physical Traces, she gives the audience a sensory introduction before and after a dance performance. She teaches classes for professional dancers, workshops for less experienced dancers, and projects in schools with a focus on kinesthetic empathy. One of her concerns is to bring artistic research into pedagogical contexts and to blur the line between studio and stage, training and performance. With the 2021 working grant from the Kulturreferat München, she is exploring a movement practice of coexistence in dialogue with the Frankfurt-based dance artist Katelyn Skelley, which takes breathing as its starting point.

Susanne began her dance training in Barcelona in 2007 and studied Education, European Ethnology and Comparative Religion at LMU Munich. In 2014 she completed her BA in Dance at the HfMT in Cologne.

Since 2013 she has been working closely with the company CocoonDance, in whose work processes she participates in various roles. As a freelance dancer, she has co-created pieces with Overhead Project and Özlem Alkis, located in the field of New Circus and Visual Arts, and has collaborated with Stephan Herwig. She is part of Anna Konjetzky's Nomadic Academy and co-organizes together with the Playground & Co team various exchange formats for interested people and professional dancers in Munich.

To deepen her interest in mediation, she studied the Master of Contemporary Dance Education at the HfMDK in Frankfurt and graduated in 2020 with her master thesis on the mediation of kinesthetic empathy in contemporary dance (training).

+49 176 62302514

Susanne Schneider
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