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Yvonne Pouget

Choreographer, Director, Dancer

Yvonne Pouget impresses as an extremely versatile mime, animation and walking act artist. She has a lot of experience, a brilliant technique, enormous stage presence and conciseness. Whatever she does, she does with lasting effect, thus reaching people's hearts and transporting the audience into a sensual dream world.

Furthermore, the Italian-born Yvonne Pouget belongs to the established top of the European choreographer and dancer scene. Her cross-disciplinary dance theater productions have been successful at home and abroad. Artists such as the sculptor Hélène Yousse,the theater and cinema director Johannes Brunner, the baroque specialist Christoph Hammer, the countertenor Christopher Robson or the Italian singer and actor Pino De Vittorio or the Chitarra Battente virtuoso Marcello Vitale have worked enthusiastically for her.

Yvonne Pouget has found a complex choreographic language and a completely unique stage language for herself. She realizes theatrical dreams in which logical understanding is unnecessary, where sound becomes gesture and performance becomes a space into which the audience enters and feels. "A great art" (Schwäbische Post/European Church Music Festival).

Yvonne Pouget is a member of the Tanztendenz München.

Yvonne Pouget
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