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Faun I Matteo Carvone

15. Mai 2024

[FAUN] is an oneiric journey to discover the multifaceted, controversial, and slightly pathetic figure of that primordial and Olympian god named Pan. With a body of a satyr divided in two, half goat and half man, Faun represents the animal instinct clashing with human rationality. From May 15 2024 - May 17 2024 at HallX I Gasteig HP8

[FAUN] marks the beginning of Carvone’s bold desire to stage mythological archetypal figures, highlighting specific character, physical, and emotional details that belong to each of us. The staging is an imitation of an isolated and solitary natural environment, as if it wanted to imprison the god of Nature in a plastic cage. Hidden microphones under an artificial grass carpet amplify the vibrations generated by the contact between the dancers’ bodies, creating a live and surreal sound landscape.


Following its successful premiere at the Gasteig in 2019, and also receiving acclaim at the Venice Biennale dance festival, [Faun] returns to HP8 with newfound maturity.

  • Direction, choreography and Set design: Matteo Carvone

  • Dance: Guido Badalamenti, Matteo Carvone

  • Light design: Jakob Bogensperger

  • Sound design: Jonas Friedlich

Supported by the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich

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