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Making of a Man... | Quindell Orton

2. Mai 2024

One dancer, a projection screen, a live camera, some toned abs and an attempt to answer: How does a body 'do' masculinity and how do our ideas around masculinity shape the world we live in? On May 2nd at HochX Theater und Live Art

Combining pop culture, politics and personal interviews, 'Making of a Man' is an exploration of hyper masculinity, masculine heroics and the vulnerable sides of masculinity. It's a look at the leaky containers we build for masculine identity and the ways in which constructions of masculinity contribute to the drawn-out staying power of the patriarchy. How can we find other ways of being in the world together beyond the rigidly chiseled codes of masculinity?

Date: 02 May, 18:00

Location: Hoch X

Tickets: 30€ support | 18€ normal | 12€ reduced | 6€ minimum price

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