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Und mach mir die Welt | Marie Nützel

22. Sept. 2024

In "Und mache mir die Welt", choreographer and theater maker Marie Nüzel explores the question of how children and young people encounter and deal with the major, often unsettling issues of our time. Certain places in a city can serve as small islands of refuge and retreat when the world gets too loud again. "And make me the world" takes the world view of Pippi Longstocking a step further and believes in the power of small people, in their courage to help shape the world of big people. So that, in the best case scenario, we are not all quite so alone in all this mess. On July 8 and September 22 at various locations in Munich

In children's and youth theater (representative of many areas of life), children and young people are often bypassed. A central theme of the project is how children and young people can be involved in the things that concern them. In "Und mache mir die Welt", children are involved in choosing the performers, write the texts for the play together with Thalia Schöller, are actively involved in the rehearsals, test out play variations together and regularly give feedback on what they have seen.

Marie Nüzel: "I am very concerned that fear of the future in the sense of threats to society as a whole is the biggest stress factor for young people worldwide today. I ask myself: How can children's and youth theater be a space that doesn't look away and yet also offers children and young people a space to relax and strengthen themselves against an already noisy, information-laden world? Creating islands of participation for children and young people is something new for me, and I realize that I am at the beginning of a process that fills me with great curiosity. The first rehearsals together have shown that children have so many clever and great things to say if we dare to listen to them."

approx. 50 min. | 8+ | admission free

Performers: Aurora Bonetti, Kathrin Knöpfle, Marcello Musini | Choreography and artistic direction: Marie Nüzel | Head of participation of children and young people: Thalia Schöller | Dramaturgy: Rose Fock-Nüzel | Stage and costumes: Stephanie Zimmer | Children and young people who have significantly shaped this project with their ideas: Filippa, Marta, Milla, Selma, Timon, Vincent, Willi (and anyone else who comes along in the course of the process) | Content and production support: Sophie Nüzel |

September 22, 2024, Memminger Platz / Pelkovenschlössl Moosach

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