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Performing Self-Promotion

Labor Ateliers | Dachauer Str. 112d, 80797 München, Deutschland

Coaching-based workshop on the topic of self-marketing in the independent performing arts

As a choreographer, director or theater maker in the independent performing arts, you constantly have to sell yourself and your ideas: to sponsors, journalists, potential collaborators, cooperation partners and theaters and, of course, the audience.

There are many ways to make yourself visible and audible and sometimes it is difficult to strike the right note. What kind of approach, which channels and which strategies work for you individually? How can you present yourself authentically and feel comfortable with it?

In this coaching-based workshop, we will work together on individual strategies for self-marketing and develop initial material.

I am Jessica and together with Pam Goroncy I run the production office STÜCKLIESEL in Hamburg as a producer duo. Since February 2023, we have also been responsible for the project management of tanz weit draußen. I have been working as a creative producer, concept developer, fundraiser, press officer since 2008 and as a business coach and business facilitator in the independent performing arts since 2022.

Friday, 20.09.2024, 11:00 - 16:00, including break

Studio 2, Laboratory Ateliers, Dachauer Straße 112d, 80636 Munich

in German spoken language

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