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Retirement provision & pension

Labor Ateliers | Dachauer Str. 112d, 80797 München, Deutschland

Friday, 26. April 2024, 2:00 – 5:00 pm

Studio 1 | Labor Ateliers | Dachauerstr. 112d, 80636 Munich

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With Patricia Kürzeder, graduate in public administration, and Ute Belting, Managing Director of Paul-Klinger-Künstlersozialwerk e.V.

As a freelance artist, you should start thinking about pensions and old-age provision right from the start of your career. However, both the legal framework and the best strategies for a sensible retirement provision are often unclear and raise many questions: What are the legal regulations, when am I entitled to a pension and what needs to be paid in and where? In addition, freelance artists have the important option of becoming a member of the artists' social security fund. Here, too, it is often unclear what requirements have to be met and what benefits membership brings. Patricia Kürzeder and Ute Belting will provide an insight into the topics and will be available to answer questions following their input.

Patricia Kürzeder (Diplom-Verwaltungswirtin, FH) completed a dual course of study at the former State Insurance Institution of Upper Franconia and Middle Franconia, where she worked as a clerk in the pensions department until 2005. In 2010, she founded her pension consultancy firm in Haag in Upper Bavaria. As a member of the Federal Association of Pension Consultants, she has been supporting the board as regional manager for Bavaria since September 2019. Since 2016, she has been teaching at the Academy of Social Administration and at the Civil Service College, Department of Social Administration, both in Wasserburg am Inn, and since 2020 she has been teaching social administration and pension law at the Civil Service College in Bavaria. In her work as a pension consultant, she advises clients on all social security issues and, if necessary, also represents them before the competent social and state social courts.

Ute Belting (Managing Director of Paul-Klinger-Künstlersozialwerk e.V.) studied business administration and has been the Managing Director of Paul-Klinger-Künstlersozialwerk for ten years. The Paul-Klinger-Künstlersozialwerk e.V. is active throughout Germany and has been offering its approximately 1,100 members a wide range of information and career-specific advice in various areas for almost 50 years. In addition to issues relating to the Artists' Social Security Fund (KSK), this also includes help with applying for grants and foundation funding.

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